• July 5, 2021

Amadeus’ paprikash, pierogi inspired by owner’s travels around Europe

Perusing the menu at Amadeus Restaurant and Café is like sampling tastes from countries across Europe. From goulash to potato schnitzel, Amadeus seems to touch every part of central Europe.

The menu is inspired by the travels of owner Pawel Sterozynski, who immigrated from Poland in the early 1980s and worked throughout Europe before opening Amadeus in Ann Arbor in 1988.

“I was traveling through Europe, working for some different restaurants, vineyards,” Sterozynski said. “When I arrived here, my fiancée’s mama, she really wanted to have a restaurant, so we purchased this building.”

Although some of the dishes are inspired by Sterozynski’s family lineage in the kitchen — both his father and grandfather were adept chefs, he said — most are from his time traveling.

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